Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS)

Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS)

Modules you might be interested in…

Ship and Company Particulars
Search the world fleet of ships by IMO Number and look up company particulars by IMO Company Number.

Maritime Security
Information communicated under the provisions of SOLAS regulation XI-2/13 (SOLAS chapter X1-2 and the ISPS Code).

Contact Points
Contact lists of competent authorities and authorized organizations relating to IMO matters.

Recognized Organizations
Information submitted by Member States under MSC/Circ.1010-MEPC/Circ.382.

Marine Casualties and Incidents
Data on marine casualties and incidents, as defined by circulars MSC-MEPC.3/Circ.3.

Port Reception Facilities
Data on the available port reception facilities for the reception of ship-generated waste.

Pollution Prevention Equipment and Anti-fouling Systems
Equipment required by MARPOL 73/78 and the BWM Convention, and anti-fouling systems compliant with the AFS Convention.

Status of Treaties
Status of ratification of IMO conventions.

Piracy and Armed Robbery
Reported incidents of piracy and armed robbery.

Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic
Information on stowaway incidents, E-Addresses of Governmental Authorities and notifications pursuant to article VIII of the FAL Convention.

Non-mandatory Instruments
Comprehensive list of non-mandatory IMO instruments.

Information on simulators available for use in maritime training.

Global SAR Plan
Information on the availability of Search and Rescue (SAR) Services.

Condition Assessment Scheme
Electronic database for the implementation of the Condition Assessment Scheme – Resolution MEPC.94 (46), as amended.

Information received from IMO members relating to containers, grain and solid bulk cargoes and dangerous goods in packaged form.

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)

National Maritime Legislation
Texts of national laws, orders, decrees, regulations and other instruments implementing IMO conventions.

Test Laboratories and Halon Facilities
Test laboratories recognized by administrations and halon banking and reception facilities

Ship Fuel Oil Consumption
Mandatory reporting of fuel oil consumption by ships.

Notifications communicated under the provisions of MARPOL Annex VI (Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships).

Evaluation of Hooks
Reports on evaluation of hooks according to the Guidelines for evaluation and replacement of lifeboat release and retrieval systems (MSC.1/Circ.1392).

Survey and Certification
Specimen certificate and e-certificate, exemptions and equivalents, and Voluntary early implementation.

Member State Audits
Information on audits under the IMO Member State Audit Scheme.

Ballast Water Chemicals
GESAMP-BWWG Database of chemicals most commonly associated with treated ballast water.

Ballast Water Management
Information on exemptions granted to ships, designated ballast water exchange areas, additional measures and warnings concerning ballast water uptakes.

Inter-agency platform for information sharing on migrant smuggling by sea


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