Crewed Yacht Charter Caribbean | BVI Yacht Brokers

When you use our Caribbean yacht charter brokering service and book from our selection of crewed yacht holidays, your vacation and itinerary are bespoke to your personal requirements. So whether you want to rent a Caribbean yacht for a week, a few days or for a longer period, we can cater to your requirements. The process is quite simple; as experienced brokers we will advise and help you choose a dream yacht and also suggest the top Caribbean destinations that are best suited to your needs, to make sure that you have the perfect vacation. Once all the details are to your liking, we will provide you with an agreement.

When your charter is confirmed, we will issue you with a Yacht Preference Sheet. This is where you provide information to your crew with regards to your menu preferences, the type of vacation you want to experience, any food allergies you have, etc. Your completed Preference Sheet will be used by the crew to plan the itinerary; this is totally bespoke to you.

We have local knowledge of the most popular Caribbean destinations and anchorages, bars, restaurants, etc. This ensures you will visit prime locations, and make certain you have the best vacation afloat possible.


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