Michael Greaves Associates

  • Michael Greaves Associates (Barbados) Inc. (M.G.A) is a family owned and operated business. We have been bringing dependable relocation, moving, shipping, brokerage and other value-added services to our clients for over twenty-five years. We pride ourselves on being the most customer-service oriented business of its type in the region. So relax, while we move you towards a new frontier!

  • Our mission is to provide superior and speedy services to our clientele, to maintain the highest level of expertise, excellence and exceptional quality, and meet the specifications of our valued customers as well as our esteemed associates, through effective processes and dedicated people, because ours is a people-service-oriented business, and service is our only product.

  • Michael Greaves Associates (B’dos) Inc.
    Carmichael House, St. George, Barbados 19135 P.O. Box 52, Bridgetown Barbados

    Tel: (246) 426-2417
    Fax: (246) 435-1847
    Email: info@mgassociates.net

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