• Mr. Tristan Pao

    Shipping furniture from China to Japan under the EXW Incoterm

    We import the furniture from China to Tokyo every month by FCL and LCL under the incoterm EXW, sometimes by Air. Our freight forwarder Bansar is a very good partner, they are very professional and patient, after we inform Bansar the new order, they will contact with the shipper in time and give us the schedule, and then we just need to receive the goods in our warehouse.

    Mr. Tristan Pao

  • Mr. Jacky White

    Import the swimming pool enclosure from China to USA.

    I am personal, I bought the Swimming pool enclosure from China, Seller quote me the FOB price, I found Bansar on google, I have no company in USA, I can not unload the goods from truck, finally Bansar solved all of the problem so that I get the goods safely, I am very satisfied for their work.

    Mr. Jacky White

  • Bill

    FCL from China to Hamburg,Germany

    We’re a freight forwarder in Germany, our customer in Germany import the goods from China to Hamburg every week by FCL, we started to cooperate with Bansar last year, Bansar is the perfect partner, their freight is very competitive and the service is the best, we appreciate their work.


  • Karen

    Ship excavator from China to Davao, Philippines by Flat Rack(FR)

    My company construction machinery and equipment agent in Davao, Philippines, all our shipping goods are handled by Bansar, they provided the professional solution and good price for our large construction, for example, Excavator and Crane,etc. Especially their rich experience for loading the goods in the Flat Rack and reinforcing the goods. We will keep the long good cooperation with them in the future.


  • Mitchell

    Railway shipping from China to Kazan, Russia

    We bought the large product line from China to Kazan, Russia,Our three suppliers and us are very lack of logistic experience, we did not know how to ship this large product line to Russia,one of the suppliers introduced Mr Max from Bansar to us, He gave us the best solution,and their professional team packaged the goods, loading, reinforce the goods in the container, they worked with our suppliers together last 2months, when we received the goods, It made my eyes brightened, very professional package, no goods damaged, We thank them very much.


  • Sunny

    Import Wedding from Suzhou ,China to Manila,Philippines

    I’m a shop owner in Manila, my family have eight shops to sell Wedding and formal dress, we import wedding dress form Suzhou China four times a year. It was headache to make paper work in China customs and Philippines customs before, Since Bansar help me handle the shipping , I just need to purchase the dresses in Suzhou and inform Bansar how many packages we bought,then the only thing need to do is receive the goods in my warehouse, We need not provide any documents to Bansar, they are the best supporter for our business.


  • Teen

    Shipping bus from China to Fiji (FOB incoterm) by Roll on/Roll off

    We are the tour operator in Fiji, we need to buy some new buses in our travel route, then we purchased four buses from Higer in China under the incoterm FOB, it was the first time we bought goods from China, Bansar quote us and we signed the shipping contract after we compared the price with other freight forwarders. Bansar’s professional and efficient work surprised us,it is very smoothly we got the four buses after 30days. Bansar is trustworthy cooperation partner.


  • Tom

    Ship the valve from PVG,China to Doha,Qatar by air

    We ordered 26 ton valve from China, due to short of delivery date, we must change the mode of transportation from by sea to by air, but it was near Christmas Day, the space is very lack from airlines, Bansar arranged these goods from China to Doha within five days successfully, they are the best forwarder in China I think.


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