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Custom Broker and  International Freight Forwarder

Prompt, Personal, and Economical Service since 1943

  • Import — Pile of Containers in W. Palm Beach, FL


    Your garden will look greener than ever with our 12-month garden maintenance program.

  • Export — Ship and Different Containers in W. Palm Beach, FL


    Both beautiful and functional, natural fences are a fragrant and attractive way of creating privacy.

  • Custom Clearance — Pile of Papers in W. Palm Beach, FL

    We’ll recommend the most suitable shade, fruit and ornamental trees for your property.

  • Crate Forwarding — Delivery Truck in W. Palm Beach, FL

    From weekly mowing to seasonal planting and pruning, we’ll keep your garden gorgeous.

  • Customs Broker — Man and Women Talking in W. Palm Beach, FL

    Transform your yard into the garden of your dreams with our friendly, professional services. 

  • Importer Security Filing — Man Pressing Keyboard in W. Palm Beach, FL

    Choose the flowers and plants that you love and we’ll create the garden of your dreams.

Experienced Team to Assist You

When working with Lund & Pullara Inc., our company becomes an extension of your company. You are represented by a experienced team who always has the best interest of your company in mind. For questions or to request service, call us today at 561-683-0311 to speak to one of our professionals.

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