UPSS Systems, Multi Carrier Packaging and Shipping Software.

UPSS Systems, Multi Carrier Packaging and Shipping Software.

UPSS™ Pro, the Packaging and Shipping Software exclusively designed for the Retail shipping business.  Your complete solution for all your Retail Shipping Software needs.  Multi Carrier Shipping Software, including one custom fully programmable optional carrier.  UPSS™ Pro will save you time and money from the first day you use it.  Track any package by any Carrier using our unique and proprietary all Carriers single entry, one click interface.  Our Free Trial software is a fully functional copy of our Multi-Carrier Packaging and Shipping Software and not a dog-and-pony show.  Each function and option is fully enabled for you to check before you spend a dime.  The above “Track any Package” and “Search any Zip code” are just two very small samples of our software built-in extra features.

As a Packaging and Shipping business owner, you have absolute and complete control of all your Retail rates.  You will never again have to refer to the pages and pages of Shipping Rates, Zone Charts and Service Guides or our competitors’ expensive and amazingly complicated software.  All displayed charges are your own fully programmable Retail rates.  In addition to all your shipping charges, UPSS™ Pro will automatically calculate all your packaging charges including Labor, Materials and Sales Tax.  No more guessing or inconsistent packaging charges.  Convey a professional and efficient “Pack and Ship” operation.  All your charges will always be accurate and consistent with one mouse click rate comparison of all carriers and services, domestic & international.  You can give your customer a detail receipt with Tracking/ID number, Ship To, Date, Reference number, Carrier, Service and of course, Shipping and Packaging charges.  Built-in complete Zip code database (US, PR & Territories) with automatic, practically instantaneous Zip code-City search.  To automate and speed up your operation, you can purchase our Optional digital scale with or without our Network software which will enhance your operation even farther.  You can share a single digital scale between several users, generate a single common Manifest or Import/Export complete Package Records and interface with most third party software.  All Carriers accumulated charges can be imported to most Accounting software.  Just with a few mouse clicks, Export all your domestic UPS packages to your free UPS WorldShip® software.  Our UPSS™ Pro Packaging & Shipping Software is the ultimate solution for the Retail Shipping business.  If you are not a Retail Shipper and don’t need the power and all the “bells & whistles” of our UPSS™ Pro Packaging and Shipping Software, then you may want to check out our UPSS™ Lite version.

By using our software, you can process a package in seconds in front of your customer and still be able to give them a customer receipt with a UPS or FEDEX Tracking/Reference Number.  To complement our UPSS™ Pro Shipping Software, you can obtain from UPS their free shipping software.  After your customer leaves, at your convenience, you can batch Import all your packages to your UPS free shipping software or simply process all your packages Online on the carriers’ website.  Don’t be fooled and pay a small fortune for an inferior copy of an original when it is free from your Carrier!  The days of a thousands-dollar software are long ago over, unless they are trying to “reinvent the wheel” and have you the customer pay for it.  If any company understands the Retail Shipping Software business it is us, with 30 years experience, and our UPSS™ Pro is your best evidence.  We give you a free fully functional copy of our Packaging and Shipping Software.  You can keep it for as long as you want without spending a dime!  You get the ultimate guarantee, no strings attached, no questions asked, no biased references or phony testimonials and no outrageous “restocking” fees.  Just think, what is the real reason that a company doesn’t want you to see exactly how their software really functions prior to you purchasing it?  Must be the same reason why they would not let you even download a copy of their user’s manual.  Ask yourself, why would a company offer you at the time of purchase, at extra cost, “Training”, “Service Agreements” and “Subscription Plans” for their software?  Why would a company not publish a price list of their products and services?  We dare you to compare our UPSS™ Pro to any Retail Packaging and Shipping Software on the market!

We really mean it when we say, “we dare you to compare”.  To prove our point we place our competitors Google ads on our own website.  If you are still not convinced, here are the results of a Google Search for Packaging and Shipping Software (UPSS Systems is at the top and this is not a paid ad).  Please make sure you compare our competitors’ fully functional software, not brochures, presentations or promises.  We know that if you compare our software, there is really no comparison and you will purchase our software.

The following are some of the features of our NEW UPSS™ Pro ver. 20.2.1
UPSS™ Pro includes all carriers with all 2020 updated rates and services.
Only one mouse click for instantaneous all carriers & services rates comparison.
Interface with your free UPS Worldship® software, we don’t “reinvent the wheel”.
Automatic UPS & FEDEX Tracking/Reference # generation for your customers.
Automatic calculation of all your packing charges, including Materials, Labor and Tax.
Automatic rate comparison, domestic & international for the best carrier & service.
Automatic City/State search & address verification with 56,000 zip codes database.
Automatic Delivery Area Surcharge calculation for all UPS, FEDEX & DHL services.
Automatic calculation & display of Delivery Time & Date for every domestic package.
Automatic Dimensional Weight and Oversize calculations for all carriers and services.
Automatic Zone selection for all carriers and services domestic and International.
Automatic support for all shippers, including Florida’s unique Dade & Broward counties.
Automatic interface with Carriers’ website for accurate Delivery Time and Day.
Retail Customer Receipt printout: Date, Ship To, Carrier, Service, Charges and Tracking #.
Track any package using our unique and proprietary all Carriers, single form interface.
ONLY ONE clear, simple and colorful shipping menu for all carriers, services & options.
Interactive self-explanatory Help for every function and option, no training required.
Global markup-discount by percentage or dollar amount of all carriers and services rates.
Daily & accumulated statistical Retail Manifest report, a must-have for the Retail Shipper.
Personal Insurance Manifest report, a sensible alternative to the Carriers’ Insurance.
Unlimited “Ship To” (recipient) Address Book Save/Recall for repeat customers.
Supports all carriers’ shipping methods and options domestic and international.
UPS, USPS, FEDEX & DHL, plus one custom carrier at no extra charge.
UPS, USPS & FEDEX now includes all their Daily/Commercial/Standard Rates.
FEDEX Authorized Shipping Centers support, special benefits and rate calculations.
Built-in complete all carriers and services International Country/Zone database.
All editing of your Retail rates and Global Markup can be password protected.
Import/Export Package Record (Network ver.) to interface with third party software.
Optional Digital Scale, 150 lbs., RS-232 & USB interface, NTEP, “Legal for Trade”.
Optional Network version software for multi-user and enhanced functionality.
FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD, complete and fully functional software!
Runs on ANY computer with Microsoft Windows from Win XP to Windows 10.
One calendar year of free technical support, carriers & software updates.
Plus much, much more!  All for only $620.
UPSS™ Pro the ultimate Packaging & Shipping Software solution.
Order online and within 24-48 hours you can download your custom UPSS™ Pro!
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