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Automated Freight Cost Management saves time and resources in a reliable and audit-compliant way

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Settle, monitor and analyze freight costs easily online

Growing shipping volumes, increasing international trade and various political developments make international freight cost management incredibly complex. Obtaining a quick and comprehensive overview of total freight cost and visibility, all the way down to individual cost types can be challenging and time-consuming.

Shippers need a reliable, cloud-based system to easily settle invoices, handle contract management and reconcile surcharges or accessorial costs related to their international transportation.

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The most successful companies are able to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. They seize opportunities when they present themselves and are always one step ahead of the competition. That’s because they’re data driven. By collecting, analyzing and acting on historical data, benchmarking market prices and digitalizing the RFQ process, businesses are able to drive real value and stop wasting time in Excel.

Freight cost management solutions: avoiding the unexpected

Reliable freight cost management software for all types and modes of transportation needs to support international currencies, exchange rates, various units of measurements and VAT. Costs and time can be saved by automating the checking of proper use of conditions, rates, numbers and weights, as well as through the automated generation of invoices/ credit notes and transparent freight cost claiming.

With the right tool freight invoice processing can be simplified, relationships with carriers and suppliers improved and real-time insight into accruals and budget provided. Finally, access to this tangible data helps in negotiations and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

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