Rebirth of a Nation, the United States

Write about Rebirth of a Nation, the United States after world war I.


Superficially, the world war and the civil war I that was between half century, lead to a yearning for a new beginning for the people of American. However, the dreams of physical, spiritual, and moral rebirth formed the foundation of the United States, hence inspiring its leaders with magnificent ambition. Theodore Roosevelt’s desire was to recapture the frontier vigor that made him promote the U. S Interest during the Latin America. On the other hand, Woodrow Wilson’s vision of reborn internationally drew him hooked on war to end the war. Mostly, Andrew Carnegie’s embraced philanthropy corresponded with his creation of the world’s first billion-dollar corporation in the United States steel. Entrepreneurs and presidents helped the nation to usher the modern period, but their consequences failed to match their grandeur hopes sometimes (Jackson, 2009).

 Apparently, American puritanism originated from a movement for modification in the Church of England. Effectively, this had an influence on American’s social, ethical, political, and theological ideas. Mostly, its impact upon American values was forming individualism and democratic thoughts in American’s mind. In addition, it shaped the American national character to being thrifty, hardworking and gave them a strong sense of mission. Originally, puritanism was referred to a movement that arose within the Church of England. Basically, it purified and reformed the church thus establishing a gap between Roman Catholic and the ideas of the Protestant. Moreover, they wanted purification to their churches by eliminating every bit of Catholic influence. Effectively, puritanism affected Americans into individualism, which is a core value. Nowadays, the value of individualism has infused each corner of American society.


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