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Koro Island Beachfront

806 acres – US$35,000,000

Koro Island Beachfront

Located in Fiji on the island of Koro, this huge tract of land actually consists of 4 contiguous parcels all being sold together. The property is one of the few freehold estates on Koro Island. It was formerly a coconut plantation, so there are literally thousands of palm trees. Although the plantation could actually resume operations fairly easily, the property is probably better suited for a resort or personal estate development rather than copra production.

This beautiful property boasts a staggering 4 miles of spectacular waterfront overlooking the Vatumatau Bay. With 3 separate and quite different beaches, the shoreline offers plenty of development options. Volcanic outcroppings divide the beaches to create dramatic boundaries for each beach. Because of this, the potential exists for a spectacular hotel site with separate, but complimentary, custom homesite locations nearby. These homesites would be totally secluded from the hotel but within easy walking distance. The property is fed by a year round stream with a waterfall located on the plantation. Walking trails connect the different beaches and streams.

The property ranges in elevation from sea level to over 500 feet with beautiful contours of valleys and ridges along with several flat areas offering a wide range of uses. The estate is linked to the coastal roads serving Koro Island by plantation roads and trails. The current owner located the road through the plantation high in the hills to preserve the pristine beaches. Situated on an elevated plateau are a number of plantation employee quarters, which have been given no value.

Koro Island has its own airport serviced by Fiji Air. Currently flights arrive once a week unless charters are arranged. Due to the distance from the airstrip, this property is best viewed by seaplane which can land right at the beach.

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