Freight Management – Supply Chain Solution | Berks County, PA

Freight Management – Supply Chain Solution | Berks County, PA

For over 20 years, TRIOSE has helped health systems manage their supply chain operations. TRIOSE has a singular focus on making a difference in healthcare, allowing for deeper industry insights. We are aware of the current COVID -19 pandemic and are still fully operating.


“We will continue to serve our customers in this climate with clear communication, available customer service, as well as the utmost concern of our employee’s safety,” says Gerry Romanelli, Chief Commercial Officer.


Transportation and Logistics Distribution networks have robust business continuity plans in place, we are equipped to support your business through the implications of this situation. Our vendors are still operating at full capacity, if you have any concerns related to shipping lanes, product or services, please do not hesitate in reaching out directly to our Customer Service team.


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