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Customs brokers need to move imported goods across borders quickly and at a low cost – all while remaining compliant. The biggest hurdle to achieving that goal is appropriately managing documentation. With Hyland solutions and the OnBase platform, you can convert paper to electronic documents and store them in a single location, allowing you to access documentation with just a single mouse-click.

Additionally, you can use OnBase to automate customs processes including release, entry and recordkeeping to cut cost per entry and support compliance initiatives.

Automate processes to reduce cost per filing and delays

Manually routing paper documentation to the 15 to 25 people involved in each entry process wastes staff’s time and raises operational costs. By converting paper documents to electronic files, you can automatically route documents through your entire enterprise, including remote offices in locations across the world.

This way, documents quickly move from person to person while automatic workload balancing ensures that work is routed to staff that are available to process it immediately. This raises staff efficiency and productivity, lowering operational costs and cost per filing.

Manage and retain documents automatically to stay in compliance with customs recordkeeping regulations

By integrating with your existing transportation software applications, OnBase also eliminates data re-entry simplifies entry processes. Connecting your existing systems and eliminating paper allows you to automate the flow of information throughout your organization and remove the manual tasks that slow them down. This reduces the operational costs per entry and enables you to process more entries with less staff.

Provide improved customer service

Accurate document maintenance is crucial for customs brokers. With five year retention requirements and $10,000 fines on importers per entry for negligent failure to maintain documentation from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), ensuring compliance is essential.

OnBase automatically keeps record of who has viewed or distributed documents, as well as any actions taken on those documents. It also retains documents and all supporting correspondence, communication and notes for designated periods of time and facilitates deleting documents when the time is up. That way, you always know your documents are in line with regulatory policies.

When an importer receives a CBP request for trade documents, your staff can pull up the documents in seconds and distribute them instantly. This enables your customers to be more compliant and responsive to CBP-focused assessments, so you’re providing a superior level of customer service without taking up too much staff time.


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