How to Import a Car from the United States to Canada

How to Import a Car from the United States to Canada

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Importing a car from the U.S. to Canada is a relatively straightforward process if you meet the import requirements. You’ll need to check the Transport Canada website to make sure your car model is approved, purchase Canadian car insurance before importing it, and receive a proof of recall clearance certificate from your manufacturer. This is to ensure your car isn’t faulty. You’ll also need to email your certificate of title to the U.S. customs at least 3 business days before you travel. When you arrive at the border, you’ll need to show all of your vehicle’s documents, fill out an importation form, and pay import tax. Once you’ve settled in Canada, you’ll receive another form to fill out and take to the Registrar of Imported Vehicles. There you’ll have your car inspected and order Canadian license plates. For more tips, including how to modify your car if it doesn’t pass Canadian requirements, read on!

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