FreightPrint™ | A Simple Freight Tracking and Management App | Easy to Use

FreightPrint™ | A Simple Freight Tracking and Management App | Easy to Use

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We know that in the world of logistics, how fast you get it done matters. Doing it right the first time matters too. FreightPrint™ is designed to streamline processes, manage documents, and increase shipper, driver, and customer satisfaction.

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Unlike traditional TMS solutions, FreightPrint™ is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

“…Simplicity guides the company’s philosophy around the service…” – Overdrive

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Share your freight documents in a secure way. FreightPrint™ creates trackable, access-controllable documents. Only authorized people can view the information.

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Electronic Docs

Say goodbye to stacks of paper and oversized spreadsheets with our service. Say hello to accessible electronic documents and communication. We even offer billing!

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Posted on May-12, 2020

FreightPrint’s Load Broadcast allows you to broadcast each load to a list of carriers and/or brokers. You can receive and aggregate responses from each carrier, and then award the load to the lowest bidder, or a carrier of your choice.

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One of the most valuable tools that allows my company to run smoothly and efficiently. Great Resource!


Freight Carrier

“..FreightPrint™ account allows you to create unique onetime and/or recurring movements.”

Overdrive Magazine

Trucking Magazine

FreightPrint™ allows me to focus more on my customers, rather than chasing down paperwork and making status calls.


Freight Broker

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FreightPrint Easy TMS

Mobile friendly

Logistics is about speed, safety and accuracy. FreightPrint™ mobile app is smart, lightweight and user-friendly, available for Android and Apple devices.

  • Scan barcodes.
  • Send automated alerts.
  • Load tracking only while hauling loads.
  • Send POD and pictures.

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