Parcel & Mail Forwarding Service

  • Service was exactly as they described it.

    The service provided could not have been better. I needed a UK address to order an item which the seller would not ship to a U.S. resident. Their service was fast and efficient and I would definitely use them again.

    Gene Adams, USA

  • Fantastic, fast and efficient shipping from the UK to Australia!

    Easy, fast and even helped with additional packaging at the UK end to ensure my tyres arrived safely. I can’t believe how quickly they arrived… Harry is a champion!

    Dino Pietrobon, Australia

  • Superb service quality!

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Skypax to anyone…. Great service, an efficient & effective way for non-UK residents to shop the UK.

    Patrick, Qatar

  • Skypax is very reliable and they provide a fast service!!!

    I used the Skypax Shopping Concierge Service. They were very helpful and fast in purchasing the items for me. They were also fast in forwarding my items to Canada. So if there is something you want in the UK, then get Skypax to help you.

    K Kwan, Canada

  • First rate service

    I had three packages consolidated, they arrived well packed and in a good time frame. Very pleased with the service. Highly recommended.

    Rodolphne, Sweden

  • Very reliable

    Skypax does an excellent job of dispatching items very quickly and packing well so that things arrive in good condition. The Website interface is easy to use and the customer support is great! Highly recommended.

    Jon T, Saudi Arabia

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