Customs Brokerage – Crowley

Customs Brokerage – Crowley

Crowley and its subsidiary Customized Brokers are committed to developing an import program tailored to further simplify and meet your logistics operation requirements.  Crowley can prepare and submit any and all customs documentation, and help ensure that your shipments are not delayed by customs issues at seaports, airports and at border crossings.

With the ever-changing Customs regulatory enhancements, stay updated with the latest duty saving programs as well as security requirements vital to your supply chain management.

Cargo Categories

Non-Perishable/ General

We have long-standing relationships with regulatory trade authorities to ensure that the daunting array of import and export compliance issues are managed in a fast and efficient manner. View more about our service details below or contact us today to learn more how we can service your customs brokerage needs.


Our focus on compliance and personalized service makes all the difference in today’s world. Moving your cargo in a timely manner is increasingly important, and you need a brokerage service that is efficient, detailed and experienced.  View more about our Import Customs Clearance services.

Specialized Customs Brokerage Services for the U.S. West Coast, Central America, China and Panama
Crowley has the partnerships and expertise to handle your logistics and customs brokerage requirements on a global scale, including between the U.S. West Coast, Central America, China and Panama. For more information about these select services, view the following information in English or Spanish:

Customs Brokerage for the U.S. West Coast, Central America, China and Panama

Vea la versión en Español aquí – Servicios Aduanales

Ocean to Air Freight Shipments for Fresh Produce to Europe and Asia
Crowley and its subsidiary, Customized Brokers have launched a pioneering program that combines ocean and air transport of perishable products from Central America to Asia and Europe via South Florida with multiple sailing days and fast transit times. For more information on this service, view the following information:

Ocean to Air


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