Shipping Cargo to Barbados from The UK

Shipping Cargo to Barbados from The UK

Shipping your valuable cargo from the UK to Barbados needn’t be a painful or expensive task. Whether sending gifts to relatives or friends, or moving belongings to a second home in Barbados, using Gregory Blackburn Shipping to ship your items to Bridgetown is made a straight-forward and affordable procedure.

Blackburn Shipping has an Excellent Reputation!

When shipping your items to Barbados from the UK, it is always best to choose a UK-based company that has been recommended to you. Nothing beats word-of-mouth or a personal recommendation from somebody who has been happy with a shipping company they have already used to send cargo to Barbados . The vast majority of our customers have been recommended to us by their friends or family members, and we’ve been regularly shipping cargo for repeat customers since 2005.

How we package your items before shipping them…

We recommend barrels, crates or a container in which to ship our customers’ goods depending on the size and quantity of items being shipped. When you ship your goods with us, we provide bubble wrap, tape and seal locks to secure your valuables while being shipped. Before shipping your cargo to Barbados, you will usually need to know the size of your goods (or the size of the barrel/crate) measured in cubic metres. You can calculate this by multiplying your goods’ length by width by height. For example, 2 metres long x 1 metre wide x 1 metre high = 2 cubic metres.

How regularly do we send cargo to Barbados?

Gregory Blackburn Shipping operates a fortnightly sailing schedule to Bridgetown and we even have sailing dates through Christmas and New Year.

Insuring your valuables against loss or damages

When shipping cargo to Barbados from The UK, we offer our customers the most competitive cargo insurance.

We deal with the agent on the other end once the cargo arrives in Barbados

We at Gregory Blackburn Shipping can assure you that in 10 busy years shipping our customers’ cargo to Barbados, we have taken great effort and spent valuable time building up good relationships with the best and most reliable agents in Bridgetown.

Gregory Blackburn Shipping has been shipping to Barbados from the UK every 2 weeks since 2005 and we are a leader in shipping! Get your shipping quote today and see what great value we offer, and we also provide FREE collection of your goods in the London area. For as little as £69.99 per barrel shipped, Gregory Blackburn Shipping ensures that your valuables are secured to the highest standard and that they arrive in Barbados quickly and efficiently.


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