Freight Forecasting Platform – Freight Data

Freight Forecasting Platform – Freight Data

Monitor elements that impact the freight market – trucking spot and contract freight rates, risk-management, equipment values and the global freight marketplace. Make better pricing decisions based on past data, current trends and future forecasts, ultimately strengthening your bottom line. SONAR paints over 150,000 freight indices per day, giving you the edge in freight market capacity and freight demand forecasts. 

SONAR is the leading freight rate forecast platform offering lane based spot rate predictions, along with a mode agnostic logistics rate forecast, freight benchmarking, and a freight rate predictor.

Freight rate index data comes from companies that participate in SONAR’s freight benchmarking platform and also the world’s most respected freight rate index providers in trucking, intermodal, rail, air, and ocean including, Drewery, USDA, DTN, Freightos, Baltic Exchange, and Cass. 

Freight rate data is just a small part of what SONAR is all about.

SONAR is the only platform in the market that offers contract load tender data, including tender reject, volume, lead time, length of haul, and freight market share. 

SONAR users can explore important freight market trends coming from TCA benchmarking, wholesale and retail diesel fuel, warehouse rates and capacity, new and used commercial equipment orders and values, economic activity, agricultural volume, and freight rail traffic indexes.   


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