Customs Broker Los Angeles, CA

Customs Broker Los Angeles, CA

Comprehensive Import & Customs Services

Packair Customs Broker is ready to assist potential importers with valuable beneficial information pertaining to import unique to each client.

We have multiple members of our staff who are veteran Licensed Customs Brokers to provide you premium import services with extensive experiences in customs compliance and dealing with government agencies.


Customs Broker Los Angeles


It is backed by our daily practice in dealing with unusual requests and anomalies.  Our main task is to ensures proper application of the Customs Regulations and, other Government agencies requirement, and to satisfy your legal obligation to meet the compliance requirement according to the goods you enter into the commerce of U.S.A.

As your customs broker and a premium import service provider, we will quote you best rate according to your transportation mode and transit time to meet your requirement and arrange shipping from your supplier overseas to your door, and then assure your import with expeditious clearance and delivery of your shipments timely and safely.


Los Angeles Customs Broker


What is a Customs Broker?

Formal entries of foreign-made goods representing many billions of dollars in duty collections are filed each year with the U.S. Customs Service, and virtually all of them are prepared by a Customs broker on behalf of importers.

Los Angeles Customs Brokers are licensed and regulated by the Treasury Department. The Customs Broker Los Angeles is primarily the agent for the importer who employs him. He is frequently the importer’s only point of contact with the U.S. Customs Service and advises on the technical requirements of importing, preparing and filing entry documents, obtaining the necessary bonds, depositing U.S. import duties, securing the release of the goods and arranging delivery to the importer’s premises or warehouse. The broker often consults with Customs to determine the proper rate of duty or basis of appraisement, and on many occasions, if he is dissatisfied with either rate or value, he will pursue appropriate administrative remedies on behalf of his importer.

Customs Brokers in Los Angeles are essential to the U.S. Customs Service. There are over 200 laws that Customs must implement and enforce, and the experienced brokers in all ports constitute a most valuable resource of benefit to Customs.

In all, Customs Brokers in Los Angeles play a vital role in facilitating the entry, clearance, and movement of import cargo and will become even more essential in the future. As stated by the U.S. Commissioner of Customs during Congressional hearings, “in my view, the Customs broker, the Service’s liaison man with the importing public, will be needed as long as there are legal requirements and regulations pertaining to the movement of merchandise into the United States.


Customs Broker Los Angeles


 What Our Services Include:

  1. Customs Brokerage
  2. Customs Clearance
  3. Import Bonds
  4. ISF Filing
  5. Duty Payment
  6. Customs Entry
  7. Importer Compliance
  8. Warehouse & Trucking


Los Angeles Customs Broker


 Import Management Services

  1. Visibility throughout the import process.
  2. Contact us before closing the deal and we’ll be able to guide you from origin to destination
  3. Access to local import information to assist the importer in the preparation and submission of the correct data.
  4. Accurate data transmission is key to expedited clearance, a favorable track record with US Customs, and diminished potentially negative audits over time.
  5. Assistance in the proper classification of your goods.
  6. Erroneously classified goods can lead to penalties in the future. Where necessary, Omega CHB will involve US Customs-Trade specialists to apply the correct tariff code prior to arrival into the United States
  7. Entry processing, and validation
  8. Communication with CBP and other government agencies


Customs Broker


Our Customs Broker Los Angeles take the time to advise your best options to protect your brand, secure your reputation, and safely deliver your cargo. We have expertise in dealing with Film Projects, Space and Military Technologies, Exotic and Luxury Cars Motorcycles Yachts and Boats, and provide technical assistance on all types of imports and exports.



  • We handle all your international freight needs from any origin country to the USA



  • Personalized services for all USA imports, large or small


  • Fast turnaround and response times on all shipments



  • Full inland trucking and delivery services to the final destination



As a fully TSA and C-TPAT certified logistics provider, Indirect Air Carrier, and NVOCC, Packair also boasts its own fleet of trucks, so you always know your shipment is in good hands. Packair offers in-house custom packing as well. In keeping with this one-stop shopping and shipping approach, Packair was among the first to become a certified cargo screening facility in Los Angeles to offer customers one more time-saving, security-providing service.

Cleared and Delivered clears imports through any port in the United States quickly and easily with our exclusive U.S. Customs connected EDI program.

We clear goods in any major U.S. port and arrange delivery to warehouses and stores while you concentrate on sales.


ISF 10+2 Filing

Before merchandise arriving by vessel can be imported into the United States, the Importer,” or their agent (e.g., licensed customs broker Los Angeles), must electronically submit certain advance cargo information to U.S. Customs in the form of an Importer Security Filing. This requirement only applies to cargo arriving in the United States by ocean vessel.


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