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Acronym Definition
FRT Freight
FRT Fremont (Amtrak bus station code; Fremont, CA)
FRT Fort
FRT Fries Research & Technology GmbH (Germany)
FRT Federal Realty Investment Trust
FRT Facial Recognition Test (neurology)
FRT Face Recognition Techniques
FRT Fondation René Touraine (Frrench dermatology foundation)
FRT First Registration Tax (Hong Kong)
FRT Facility Response Team (US Navy)
FRT Facial Recognition Technology
FRT Fox Pro Report
FRT Frequency Response Test
FRT Fast Response Time
FRT Ford Racing Technology
FRT Fire Retardant Treated (wood construction)
FRT For Real Tho
FRT Faculty Release Time (various schools)
FRT Flight Readiness Test (US NASA)
FRT Forest Resource Trust (Oregon)
FRT Fault Ride-Through (wind turbine energy)
FRT Female Reproductive Tract
FRT Fixed Radius Transition (aviation)
FRT Fluides Réactifs et Turbulence (French: Reagents and Fluid Turbulence)
FRT Fast Repetitive Tick (biology)
FRT Fonds de la Recherche Technologique (French: technological research funds)
FRT First Response Team
FRT Floating Raft Technology (hydroponics)
FRT Firearms Reference Table
FRT Freightage
FRT Floating Roof Tank (oil storage)
FRT France Réseaux Télécommunications (French: French Telecommunications Networks)
FRT Forward Repair Team
FRT Family Reunion Travel
FRT Fly River Turtle (turtle species)
FRT Flame Retardant Treated (wood processing)
FRT Fix Response Time (TL 9000)
FRT Fast Response Team
FRT Freight Tons (shipping)
FRT Floating Rototiller
FRT Federally Related Transaction (real estate appraisals)
FRT Fungal Research Trust (UK)
FRT Fast Rule Theorem
FRT Free Return Trajectory
FRT Flow Recording Transmitter
FRT Flippase Recognition Target
FRT Finland Racing Team (auto racing)
FRT Fixed Radio Transmitter
FRT Fraction of Residential Power Supplied by Traditional Sources (Carolina Environmental Program)
FRT Full Routing Table

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