Just think for moment that everything you see in Barbados has been imported to this island. All the cars, buses, cell phones and computers; daily tons of goods are brought to the island in containers on ships.  The organization responsible for processing these good is call the Barbados Port Authority and is located on the Harbor Road in Bridgetown Barbados. 

Why use CS Group Custom Brokers

The process can be daunting and to help with getting goods through the port Custom Brokers are employed to prepare the documents required and facilitate the passing of good from the port to its destination.   

The Barbados Port Authority is also responsible for exporting goods out of the country. Industry rely on effective movement of these goods to bring in foreign exchange into the treasury. Personal effects can be sent throughout the Caribbean ships leaving Barbados maintain a regular schedule which Custom Brokers are responsible for bill of laded to make sure weight and contents are accounted for.

Professional services are needed in importing and exporting goods as timely distribution is essential and delays can be costly to merchants and individuals. Hiring a well season Custom Broker Company can make the difference between getting your goods through the port timely or having to pay storage charges.